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Staff List


Kelly Colby-Seavey

Professional Staff

Alicia Hernandez - Pre-K 
Casey Malo - Kindergarten 
Cindy Finethy - First Grade
Sarah Creighton - First Grade
Courtney Stevens - Second Grade
Justine Crockwell - Second Grade
Sandi Swinerton - Third Grade
Erica Horsken - Third Grade
Erica Woodward- Fourth Grade
Karen Beaverstock- Fifth Grade 
Michelle Craycraft- Sixth Grade

Marion Martens- Interventionist
Keith Conley- Guidance Counselor
Kristin Johnson- Music
Casey Lalkas- Occupational Therapist
Susan Randall- 50% Special Education Teacher
Meagen Moriarty- Special Education Teacher
Michael Stasiuk - Art
Carolyn Ramsay - Speech and DPT
Brian Swinerton- Physical Education
Elizabeth Bronson - Health Educator 
Kimberly Nottage - Library Media Specialist
Amy Varney - Nurse
Torri Richards - Math Coach

Jackie Benson- Reading Specialist



Paraprofessional Staff

Lisa Murray
Shay Bennett
‚ÄčKeri Malone
April Tierney
Barbara French
‚ÄčGabrielle Wells
Christina Damon - Student Support Center
Janice Andrea - Homeless Liaison

Lura Meattey - Administrative  Assistant
Krystale Beaulieu- Special Education Secretary

Laurie Bisson - Kitchen Manager
Beth Myers - Kitchen Staff

Marcia Berry - Head Custodian
Darlene Douglas - Custodian
Julie Stevens- Custodian